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Brought to you by ForexLasers.com, one of the most established forex portals (formerly known as ForexMoments.com), here at ForexReversal.com we are committed to providing currency traders with the best advice, software and tools available in aiding the trading of trend reversals in the currency markets.

Having trained thousands of traders worldwide over the past decade, we have been featured across many forex sites and platforms such as:

The forex market is riddled with numerous products and vendors which simply serves to add more confusion to an already seemingly haphazard market.  It is our aim to clarify many of the misconceptions which are widespread, with clear and concise explanations on how to understand and use  popular trend reversal indicators that already exist, in addition to applying our own ideas in order to seek that edge that is so essential when it comes to determining market reversals.

We first brought to the market back in 2008, the AshFX System, which combined a number of classical technical analysis tools into one system, helping traders to swing trade on the Daily markets.  This was followed by the AshFX V2.  Traders worldwide benefited from our insights and analyses...

Today, our primary software, the "Forex Reversal Indicator", utilises an effective combination of classic and novel techniques, in order to seek out useful reversal trading opportunities. If you would like to ask any questions, or have any comments or suggestions, please feel to get in touch with us via our contact page.




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